Le Grappe Nonino


Il Metodo Nonino


The Nonino Distillery, unique in the world, is composed of five artisanal distilleries with batch steam stills for the production of the inimitable Nonino Distillates, regardso the ritual and the tempo of true craftsmanship. The Nonino family personally takes care of the purchase of the primary product and pursue the different phases of distillation to pledge the maximum excellence of the distillate.

Since 1952, the aging-cellars of the Nonino Distillery have been home to small barrels made of various types of wood: today they boast 1855 made from Nevers, Limousin, Grésigne oak, ex-Sherry barrels and acacia, wild cherry and pear which guard within them the precious Nonino aquavitae: Grappa and ÙE®.

Cru Monovitigno

NV Grappa Monovitigno Lo Chardonnay in Barriques Nonino

1st December 1973: the Noninos create Grappa Monovitigno® and turn Grappa from Cinderella into the Queen of Distillates. The distillation of the pomace from a single vine is the Nonino revolution in the way of producing and introducing Grappa in Italy and in the World!

I Vitigni Monovitigno


They are differentiated from the Cru Monovitigno® by the fact that the pomace comes from a single grape variety which is linked to more dedicated production zones and by the non hand-made bottling technique. Production strictly dependent on the individual year’s harvest.

Fruit Distillate

NV Grappa Monovitigno Fragolino Cru Nonino

Distillate produced according to the ancient family tradition. It is obtained by distilling very characteristic fresh fruit, harvested at the correct level of ripeness in suitable areas, in order to preserve in the distillate the scent and the taste of the fruit of origin.

Amaro Nonnino

NV Amaro Nonino Nonino

They are the result of the union of Antonio Nonino’s old original recipes and the Nonino family’s experience in the art of distillation. Extraordinary fragrance of mountain herbs ennobled by ÙE®, Nonino Grape Distillate, aged in barriques.

Reserve Vintage

NV Grappa Monovitigno Picolit Cru Nonino

AnticaCuvée® is a precise blend of Grappas among which Cabernet, Merlot and Schioppettino distilled using the artisanal method and aged from 3 to 20 years in small Limousin oak barrels or former Sherry barrels. Amber, possessing great aromatic richness, a scent of spices, of brioche and pastries and bitter almond. Vintage dated and numbered production.

Grappe Monovitigni

NV Grappa Riserva Antica Cuvée Invecchiata in BarriquesNonino

An harmonious blend of Monovitigno® Grappas distilled separately from fresh, soft pomace of single varietal Malvasia, Friulano and Muscat. Harmonious and lightly aromatic, soft on the palate, it stimulates by virtue of the particular elegance which is inherent in vines of such noble origin.