Recent awards obtained by Gancia on Metodo Classico Asti 24 Months DOCG and Moscato d’Asti DOCG on the occasion of the Douja d’Or 2019.

Douja D’Or is a prestigious Italian contest in the oenology business, recognising the excellence in wine and sparkling wine production.

Gancia has been awarded this year with the Oscar de La Douja d’Or on Metodo Classico Asti 24, the flagship of the Gancia Asti range, both in terms of quality and added value, which is key to the Gancia strategy.

In addition,  Gancia Moscato d’Asti Docg has been prized with the Quality Award.

The Douja d’Or Quality Award is attributed by the tasting panels of O.N.A.V to those wines reaching a score of at least 87 points out of 100, with elements of very good quality.

The prestigious Oscar of the Douja d’Or is for those wines achieving a score higher than 92/100 at the tasting selection shield by a special tasting panel.

These awards represent for Gancia another confirmation, in a large wine scenario, where the company of Canelli is committed in the continual pursue of quality.