The Gin and Jazz Festival 2018

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of June 2018

So-Save The Date

and visit this great new festival in Tunbridge Wells!
The Best of The Best – Gin and Jazz
It’s an exciting new event happening in the historic Centre of Tunbridge
Wells, it’s going to be great daytime celebration, showcasing the very finest
of Artisan Gins, Tonics and Botanicals. Over 20 producers will be getting
together to show what exciting diversity there is in modern
Gin production. You’ll get the chance to taste so many new and different
flavours, browse all the different stalls and find your favourite!
And if you like Gin you will love the Jazz we have on offer, the old
Victorian bandstand is in the middle of our lovely Gin fair, so you’ll be able
to relax and listen to some chilled Jazz vibes, while you sip a great drink.

Dont Take A’ The A Train
Take The TWells Train

The Pantiles is really the perfect location to enjoy the perfect Gin and
Tonic, there are lots of lovely restaurants, and cafes together with quirky
shops. So come on down, by Train, Plane or Perambulation.

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