Fishers Gin 70cl


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Slightly sweet juniper, herbaceous & citrus. Subtly seasalt & vegetal rock samphire notes stand out

Unique Selling Point

Fishers Gin tells the story of the English coast, where the awe inspiring power of the sea meets the rugged and fertile shores of the British Isles. Each rare British botanical is carefully considered, picked & dried at the optimum time for the best impact on Fishers Gin’s flavour & aroma.

Production Method

“James Firth, our head botanist, spent countless hours scouring historical manuscripts and looking at medieval herbalists to revive ingredients long thought extinct. Each one of our selected wild botanicals (Spignel, Rock Samphire, Wood Aven and Bog Myrtle) has been ethically sourced, many foraged daily by James, and are native to the Suffolk cost. At the Copper House distillery, the botanist’s work is done and James hands over to John McCarthy, our award-winning Adnams distiller. The carefully prepared roots, leaves, seeds and berries are steeped in the barley spirit overnight and then receive a final shot-distillation in a copper gin still. “








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