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Some may find themselves unfamiliar with Spanish wines, compared to French or possibly Italian, yet Spain holds a great variety of wines.

Aside from your popular reds, whites and rosé wines, fortified is an excellent choice. Although well known, it can be easily overlooked, if people don’t understand what it is. In simple terms, a fortified wine is one whereby alcohol has been added to the wine at, near or during fermentation. Developed in the 17th Century, it initially gained popularity because it strengthened wine for shipping. Now, there are many varieties of fortified Spanish wine, including: Fino Bella Luna and Croft Original Port Sherry.

Rioja is a popular region for Spanish red wines and we stock a wonderful selection. Most loved for their fruity and earthy flavours, they are a great mix of Old World and New world styles.

Our selection of Spanish rosé wines were produced between 2013 and 2015. From the Naked Pilgrim Rioja Rosado Artiga 2014, which is perfect chilled and drunk on its own to the Docetanidos Clarete Lezcano Lacalle 2013 which is an ideal choice with charcuterie and grilled white meat dishes, there is a rosé for every occasion.

For an alternative to champagne, we stock a curated range of Spanish sparkling wines. From the Tresor Rosado Pere Ventura to Cuvee Especial Brut Pere Ventura – there is a selection to suit most tastes. For example, the Tresor Rosado Pere Ventura is a vibrant pink fizz, with aromas of cherry, strawberry and raspberry. The Cuvee Especial Brut Pere Ventura is a cava with fine, frothy bubbles and is golden in colour.

Our selection of Spanish white wines is perfect for those who have enjoyed white wines from other countries and are looking to explore wines from other countries. A great place to start is with Txakoli wine; a distinctly citrusy white wine, which is low in alcohol. Most notably is Txakolina Adur 2014 – a flavourful white wine and product of the Basque country. It matches very well with salty seafood.

Lolea Sangria Blanco Colmado Casa Lola and Lolea Sangria Tinto Colmado Casa Lola are our two exciting Spanish mixed wines that are available. Both medium-dry, one is white and one comes in a light cherry-red colour.

We invite you to read the additional information provided, in the individual descriptions of each wine listed.

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