An Introduction To Portuguese Wines

When it comes to wine, Portugal is up there with the likes of France and Italy as a European country that makes some truly great sensations. Whether its red or white, vintage or nonvintage, the great weather and proud tradition of Portugal means that there are some fantastic flavours to be sampled.

When it comes to succulent red wines, Portugal has produced some astonishing flavours in recent years. This country favours grapes that produce a rich, fruity aroma, such as the Touriga Nacional grape. Looking for a perfect example? The Touriga Nacional Quinta do Crasto 2011 is only 5 years old, yet provides a heavy drink perfect accompanying food or providing warmth on cold nights.

As far as white wines are concerned, Portugal is a long producer of great quality wines. Both the 2014 and 2013 bottles of Vinho Verde Quinta de Azevedo, for instance, provide the sweet flavour, with just a subtle hint of lemon, that the northern regions are known for. The 2011 Oliphonia Reserva Branco Grandeiro, on the other hand, has a more intense, fruity sensation that is more typical of Mediterranean wines.

When a region specialises in both great red and white wines, it stands to reason that they also know a thing or two about rose. Portugal is no exception to this. These have the sweet yet light aroma that you would expect from a fine rose. Try the 2014 Pato Fri Cashmere Rose, for instance. While only 2 years old, this drink has a soft, fruity flavour that captures the essence of its native Alentejo region.

Alongside traditional red wines, Portugal also produces a number of fantastic ports. Many vineyards, such as Fonseca and Taylor’s produce some seasoned selections, specialising in Tawny Port, with bottles starting at around 10 years old. If you want something with a stronger, richer flavour, try something along the lines of the 20 year old port from Fonseca.

As you can see, Portugal is no small country when it comes to producing some astonishing wines. Whatever your preference, there are some very unique flavours to experience and GP Brands always stocks the best choice of Portuguese wines.

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