White Italian Wine

Here at GP Brands, we want to ensure that our customers always have a wealth of options when it comes to choosing wine, that’s why we offer one of the most extensive ranges of Italian white wines online, which is how we became one of the most respected leading online stockists of quality wines in the world. To us customer satisfaction and the quality and breadth of our wine are the most important. When you order online with us here at GP Brands, we will ensure your wines are packaged and delivered to you with care, we always go the extra mile to ensure that any query or question you may have is answered, because we love our customers to be as passionate about wine as we are!
Whilst we always endeavour to remain true to our Sicilian roots, we do also stock a fantastic range of wines from all different regions, not just in Italy, but in numerous countries. Our impressive stock of Italian white wines is one very close to our hearts. We have a vast range of Italian white wines to offer; from the culturally popular and much loved white grape variations of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, which will be familiar to many, to more unfamiliar varieties such as Montepescari Bianco, which boasts a dry and crisp acidic palette. Our fantastic range of Italian white wines includes a variety of different brands, prices, bouquets and tastes, ensuring that all of our customers no matter their preference or budget will find the perfect quality wines for any occasion. One of our most popular Italian white wines is the Pinot Grigio variety; this comes from the Pinot Gris white grape, and is commercially one of the most successful white varieties. Pinot Grigio usually has a crisp and clean taste, whilst being mild, dry and delicate on the palette; this Italian white wine lends itself perfectly to be enjoyed with a wide array of food and aperitifs. What’s more, here at GP Brands, we offer a wide range of great quality sparkling Italian white wines; the most popular and well known frizzante wine being Prosecco, due to its sweet taste which has been described as intensely crisp and sweet, with aromas of apples, pears, peaches and apricots, as well as being less expensive than its champagne sibling. Find our full range of Brut and Prosecco in our sparkling white wine section after you have explored what fantastic and delicious Italian white wines we have to offer.

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