Red Italian Wine

Italian Red Wine

Home to some of the oldest wine regions in the world, Italy is considered one of the finest winemakers out there. And with its huge variety of grapes spread over diverse terrain, the country is famed for its wide selection of red wines. Choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task but as a leading online seller of quality wines with Sicilian origins, you can trust our pick of the best types of Italian red wines. Start your journey into the delectable world of Italian red wines by browsing our hand-selected stock
From the medium bodied, cherry flavourings of the Chianti produced in Tuscany to the famous wines coming from the Piedmont region, we house a number of the trusted varieties loved by many. And it’s not just the well-known wines that we, and Italy, can offer. Whether you prefer the fizzier and refreshing taste of a Lambrusco or a full-bodied Salice Salentino, we have the wine to suit any style, meal or event. The Barolo from Piedmont is arguably one of the best Italy has to offer. An ageable delight, try and save it for a special occasion to really show off the flavours in all its glory. For a wine that packs a bit more of a punch try the Amarone. Made with dried Italian grapes, this is a wine to share with your favourite company. When you need a reliable wine that you don’t have to wait for, Barbera’s are a versatile choice. Dry, with a kick of acidity, this will go down a treat with every red wine lover. From the mountainous regions in the north to the sun-soaked plots in the south, Italy’s diverse land offers an abundance of wine varieties. When you choose from our different types of Italian red wines, you’ll begin your journey through the country, discovering for yourself why Italy is world-renowned in winemaking. Delve into our delicious choices of red wine and we can guarantee you’ll get a true taste of Italy.

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