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When we first started selling wine, we concentrated solely on Italy. As most of our sixty bottles came from Sicily, we traded under the name 'Made in Sicily'. Just over eighteen months later, however, we realised we would have to expand our business and our trading name if we were to give our customers all that they needed. So the company became known as GP Brands and quickly became well-known and widely respected as one of the leading online stockists and sellers of quality wines from all around the world. Although we endeavour to remain true to our Sicilian roots, it would have been an act of folly not to make every effort to supply the overwhelming demand from his customers for different kinds of wine from all across the planet. And the efforts paid off, for today, GP Brands stocks, sells and delivers over 6,500 high quality wines from countries as diverse as Australia and New Zealand, Chile and Argentina, France and Italy, Portugal and Spain, Canada and the US. However, our range of Italian wines is still something worth gloating about all on its own. It really is a mouth-watering selection. Let's just pore over the highlights for a moment.

We have over 800 Italian red wines in stock so it can be difficult to narrow it down. Maybe you have a favourite region, or you can always be inspired by our list of top rated bottles, a list that currently features a 2015 Planeta Frappato, a 2014 Primitivo Salento Boheme and the non-alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon from 2014.
With almost 400 Italian white wines to choose from, GP Brands has something for every occasion and every budget. Journey through Italy with bottles from Friuli Venezia Giulia Veneto, Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo and of course Sicily.
A fine selection of Italian rosés from Pinot Grigio Blush to the darker Sicilian Arpeggio to the almost red Tre Torri from Santadi in Sardinia. Again, something to suit every taste.
We have a large range of Italian sparkling wines, from Lambrusco to Ferrari and everything in between. Not to mention dessert wines and liqueurs, including limencello, grappa, amaro and sambuca. Whatever you need, we'll send it straight to your front door. GP Brands. We keep a sensational cellar

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