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With its open, fertile land and long summer seasons, Australia has always been a fantastic country for growing wine. It’s no surprise, then, that there are some very beautiful Australian wines available for you to enjoy and sample. Not sure where to start? Let this quick breakdown of Australian wine guide you in your selection.

There are some truly fantastic red wines available from this country. Popular grapes include Shiraz, such as the Bishop and Amon-Ra labels, as well as Pinot Noir, whether it’s a 2013 bottle of Giles or a 2015 Kooyong Massale. Other options include Merlot and the ever popular Cabernet Sauvignon. When it comes to red wine, you really are spoilt for choice.
Similarly, there is also an extensive range of white wines to choose from. Popular grapes and flavours include the rich tones of a Chardonnay, with popular examples including 2015 Clondale Chardonnay – also from Kooyong – and the Maimup (also from 2015) from Howard Park. Other possible grapes to explore in this category include Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris (Starving Dog has produced a number of good bottles in both 2014 and 2015 for each of these grapes). While these flavours may have, in the past, been confined to the likes of France and Italy, Australia has quickly shown itself as a country that is able to make wines as well as the very best of Europe.
While not as varied as white or red wines, there are a number of delicacies available to those who enjoy a nice rose. Hardys, especially, produce some very sweet wines, including their Grenache Shriaz, available in bottles from both 2014 and 2015. Jacob’s Creek, perhaps one of the most established names in Australian wine, also produces its own Shiraz.
Wines A good dessert wine can be hard to find, as it must have that particularly sweet essence that makes it such a good paring for desserts, as the name suggests. Australia, however, has a few worthy contenders. The Noble Wrinkled Riesling d’Arenberg from 2015, for example, is very crisp with plenty of flavour, while 2015’s Noble Mud Pie Viognier Roussanne, also from d’Arenberg, is a more elegant, luxurious alternative.

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