GP Brands American Wines

Usually organised by their country of origin, wines are created by using a variety of over 1,300 grapes to form different styles, aromas and tastes. At GP Brands, we know only too well how a great wine can complement a meal, and you’re sure to find one here that satisfies your personal preference.

For those who enjoy a full-bodied red wine, it makes the perfect drink before or after dinner; the mixture of different flavoured grapes create an earthy taste making it the perfect companion for meats such as roast beef and game. The smooth body of American red wine, usually kept in barrels for long periods of time is often infused with fruity, woody, oak or vanilla notes. The Zinfandel Painter Bridge 2013, for instance, portrays a fruity aroma making it the ideal wine to serve with grilled meats.

GP Brands’ selection of American white wines offers a huge variety of flavours from tropical fruits and spice to nut extracts. These intense flavours, which are normally younger than the reds, make the classic partner to chicken and poultry dishes and add to the flavours in soft and hard cheeses and spicy foods. A bottle of Woodbridge Chardonnay California 2013, for example, complements a chicken dish perfectly, and is also the perfect choice for an evening in the summer sun.

The attractive pink colour of Rosé wine blended with crisp summer fruit infusions is attractive to many and there are certainly a huge number of choices. Rosé can be paired with a verity of fresh fruits, salads and seafood – a bottle of Rugged Ridge Zinfandel Rose California 2014 for example, is the ideal gift for a dinner party or addition to eating alfresco.

There’s always an occasion good enough for American sparkling wine! Whether to celebrate a birthday, or to complement a delicious three course meal, NV Michelle Sparkling Chateau Ste Michelle will certainly make any occasion just a little bit more special.

For those with a sweet tooth, a dessert wine such as the NV Liqueur Muscat Skillogalee can be recommended to bring out the flavours of any pudding. With the mixture of a sweet yet light body a well-made dessert wine like the Muscat (best served chilled) puts the final touches to any meal.

Whether you’re searching for the ideal wine for a dinner party or looking for a sweet and fruity flavour to enjoy chilled at home, GP Brands have a wide selection of American wines on offer to suit all occasions. Why not browse our selection and find your favourite luxury American wines?

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