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At GP Brands we think a well-stocked drinks cabinet is a thing of beauty. As well as satisfying your own taste buds, a wide selection of drinks will make you popular with friends and family and help to ensure that you can throw the best parties or simply enjoy relaxed evenings with your loved ones, knowing you can pour them their favourite tipple. Spirits enable you to create a whole range of different drinks with just one or two bottles. Cocktails are growing in popularity, and people are becoming more creative with their drinks - a few ingredients provide you with endless possibilities.
We stock an extensive range of spirits to provide you with top quality drinks from an excellent company. From the old favourites of whiskey, gin, vodka and rum you can create an incredible range of delicious drinks with the addition of a few mixers. You may also want to add a brandy, and the keen brandy connoisseurs may wish to go for a high-quality cognac. At GP Brands we are passionate about bringing you a full selection of quality drinks, so as well as the classics we also source liqueurs, other spirits, fortified wines, syrups, tequila and mezcal. All of our products are selected for their quality and are carefully sourced from around the world so that we can bring to you the very best that every country has to offer.
We are dedicated to providing a fantastic service to all our customers and make sure that all our staff deliver the same level of enthusiasm and customer service to our all clients. We began as a small company selling food produce and then moved into the drinks sector, selling mainly Sicilian wines. Since then we have branched out into world wines and spirits, always maintaining our excellent customer service. To begin stocking your drinks cabinet today, please visit our website to see the full range of what we can offer you at For any queries or advice please call us on 0203 411 4435 or email us at Our knowledgeable staff are ready to help you.




Strega Alberti

This famous Italian liqueur was first invented by a wine merchant, Guiseppe Alberti of Benevento (the town of witches fame) in 1860. However, it was his sons who first marketed the liqueur which is flavored with over 70 different herbs and spices.


Delamain XO Pale & Dry

Aged for 25 years, Pale and Dry is a unique blend of Cognacs that showcase the Delamain style. Blended seperately the two Cognacs are then joined together and married for a further two years, to create a stunning Cognac. A powerful floral bouquet with a lingering aftertaste of vanilla.


Wild Turkey 81 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Wild Turkey brand was first introduced in 1940, however the distillery can trace its roots back to 1869 when the Ripy brothers opened their family distillery on Wild Turkey Hill in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Plantation XO Rum.... History

The Ferrand Estate, family owned and operated since 1702 is personally managed by M. Pierre Ferrand. All Ferrand cognacs are made from grapes grown exclusively in Grande Champagne, the first growth district of the Cognac region.
Production standards far exceed those used to make VS, VSOP, Napoleon and The Ferrand Estate, family owned and operated since 1702 is personally managed by M. Pierre Ferrand. All Ferrand cognacs are made from grapes grown exclusively in Grande Champagne, the first growth district of the Cognac region.
Production standards far exceed those used to make VS, VSOPXO premium cognacs. Ferrand cognacs are only made with very old lots using the traditional craftsmen methods.

As a result, a Ferrand cognac took top honours at the Concours de vieilles Eaux-de-vie de Grande Champagne, a competition among Grande Champagne producers.


King of Soho London Dry Gin

This premium quality gin is bespoke, smooth and full-bodied; soft juniper, coriander, with a high presence of citrus ingredients including grapefruit peel, balanced by angelica root and cassia gives a delicate combination of sweetness and earthiness.



DICTADOR XO Insolent SOLERA SYSTEM RUM made from the fermentation of unique virgin sugar cane honey, then distilled in a modern stainless steel alembic. It is then aged in pre-used quality oak barrels from Jerez and Port that every certain time are reburn to caramelize the interior to achieve sweet flavours coming from the oak.


Royal Dragon Imperial Vodka

Exceptionally smooth super premium vodka with a pure flavour – served chilled neat or on the rocks. 5 times distilled from the finest organic winter harvest rye, charcoal filtered in a century old heritage copper pot still, in a ”never been seen before” concept of gold flakes & crystal dragon in the bottle

Whistle Pig 10yo Rye 100/100... History

“WhistlePig was born in 2008, created by Raj Peter Bahkta who sunk his last dime on 500 acre farm in Shoreham, Vermont. He convinced ace Master Distiller Dave Pickerell (known for his work at Maker’s Mark) to work with him to plotting the long awaited return of rye whiskey to the States, initially the two men tracked down the best aged rye they could find in North America. On January 1, 2010, Raj & family cleared out an old barn, rolled up their flannel sleeves, and started bottling the exquisite rye. Meantime in February ’09, they developed a 5-year plan to transform WhistlePig Farm into the first ever single malt, one-stop rye shop, with all stages of the process located on site from growing the grass, to distillation, to barreling and aging, to bottling. The WhistlePig single-estate farm distillery opened in the summer of 2015, transforming what was once a pig-headed dream will be a top-shelf reality.”


Highland Park 21yo

Natural colour of reddish gold. Butterscotch, dark chocolate and orange on the nose. Full flavoured palate with candied orange peel and spicy dark chocolate leading to a rich complex finish, sweet smoky then softer, medium dry.


Don Julio 1942

Made from hand-selected blue agave harvested at 6-10 years. A tribute Tequila of astonishing depth, it is best appreciated served neat in a Riedel Tequila glass or snifter


Hennessy Paradis Imperial 70cl

Hennessy is the largest Cognac producer in the world, and was founded by Richard Hennessy in 1765. A highly regarded brand the world over, the range stretches from VS to XO and beyond, with the prestige cuvée Richard Hennessy being truly exceptional.