Sicilian Delicatessen 

Cannoli are Italian / Sicilian pastry desserts. The Sicilian language cannolu, plural cannola), meaning “little tube”, Cannoli originated in Sicily and are a staple of Sicilian gastronomy. They are also well-known  in the American cuisine. In Italy, they are frequently known as “cannoli siciliani”, Sicilian cannoli.

Cassata siciliana, is a traditional Sicilian (Torta) dessert from the areas of  Messina and in particular Palermo. Cassata is made of round sponge cake moistened with fruit juices or liqueur and covered with ricotta cheese, candied peel, and a chocolate or vanilla filling similar to cannoli cream. It is covered with a shell of marzipan, pink and green pastel coloured icing, and enhancing designs. The cassata is topped with candied fruit, such us cherries and slices of citrus fruit characteristic of Sicily.

Panella di Palermo, These are plane fried pastry made from the flour of chickpeas. In the Sicilian cuisine are available other tasty finger foods, such us potato crocché, but panelle are unquestionably the oldest.

Fico d’india, (Opuntia ficus-indica) The most commercially precious use for Opuntia ficus-indica today is for the large, sweet fruits, called tunas. In the heart of Sicily, in the Province of Enna, in a small rural community named Gagliano Castelferrato, a prickly pear-flavoured liqueur is produced called “Ficodi”, flavoured somewhat like a Medicinal/aperitif.

Polpettone di Nonna Pina servito con patate e cipolle. This is something which you must try, roast Meatloaf stuffed with egg, ham and cherry tomatoes, served with potatoes and onions. More than happy to email you the recipe (, trust me you will never regret to prepare something so succulent, of course you must combine a lovely wine such as Nero D’avola, or if you want to complete in stile you can try Cerasuolo di Victoria