Inspiración Valdemar

Inspiración Valdemar is a range of limited production wines that represent the cutting edge of Valdemar’s work with vineyard selection and indigenous grape varieties. Graciano is used as a blending component in both the entry-level Selección and the new single-vineyard Las Canteras; it is given its own voice in the very rare 100% Graciano bottling. Even more unusual  is the near-extinct Maturana variety, which gives a wine of breathtaking freshness, depth and  originality. Edición Limitada combines the traditional Tempranillo and Graciano with a good dose of Cabernet Sauvignon, though it is Rioja character rather than the stamp of the variety that comes shining through. The sole white, from Tempranillo Blanco, is the first example of this new vine mutation, and offers a startlingly rich, complex, yet perfectly poised white wine quite unlike any other.

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