Intriguingly, originally and memorably named, South African Flagstone wines are as evocative, extraordinary and outstanding as their titles

Reading the titles of Flagstone wines is to embark upon a journey through poetry and literature, history and culture – and enjoying the wines themselves is an equally rich, rewarding and memorable experience. Longitude; Music Room; Dark Horse; Writer’s Block – these, and many other intriguing names reflect the richness and complexity, subtlety and sublimity of their contents, wrought from the rich, pungent and yielding soil of South Africa’s incomparable winelands.

With an impressive portfolio of around a dozen reds, nine whites and, finally, a robust fortified wine – appropriately called The Last Word Flagstone wines are produced by South African makers with a massive commitment to craftsmanship and care, twinned with an equal dedication to ethical viticulture and environmental protection. Taste these Merlots and Pinotages, Chardonnays and Chenin Blancs and your tastebuds will be imbued with the warmth, colour and vividness of the South African landscape; at the same time, your conscience will be imbued with the satisfaction of knowing that these wines are ethically sound, environmentally honourable – and absolutely exquisite!

Flagstone Longitude Blend

What’s in the name

Dave Sobel’s book, Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time recounts the section of John Harrison, an 18th century clockmaker, accountable for producing the first chronometer satisfactorily precise to be used to control a ship’s longitude at sea.

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Flagstone Time Manner Place Pinotage Reserve Breedekloof


Only 1,200 bottles are made each year of this exceptional wine; only a few rows from the Writer’s Block Pinotage vineyard some 700 meters above sea level provide the grapes. Here, on steep slopes on decomposed granitic soils, a rigorous green harvest is employed so low yields of perfectly ripe grapes can be harvested. Fermentation takes place in new oak barrels, with their heads removed, and the cap is punched down by hand every four hours to extract color and tannins. The wine is matured in small barrels for many months prior to final blending. Incredibly vibrant and textural, with a deliciously wide fruit character which trails onto a long finish, kept moving by the balancing acidity.