Capezzana Wines

Capezzana Wines the most admired choice for a desert wine

Capezzana Wines are among the most popular wines to pair with deserts in the catering industry and for foodies alike. Why is this you ask, this is down to the flavours of the wine and the way the wine is aged and stored. The wines of Tenuta di Capezzana are conventional in style however the flavours are outstandingly natural and substantial, and are depicted as offering smells and flavours of dark berry, for example, blackberries with differing degrees of loam, forest floor and herbs. The wines are fermented in stainless steel with indigenous yeast and matured in expansive organization, in used and new French oak, because of this they hint at couple of present day oaking and a greater amount of the Carmignano terroir.

Some of the wines 

Capezzana 2012 Monna Nera Rosso di Toscana IGT  88 

This IGT is a mix of 50% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a divine table wine with revealing dark berry fruits with notes of dried plum and herbs. A humble, natural and conventional styled wine.

Capezzana 2011 Barco Reale di Carmignano 89

The Barco Reale is a wonderful mix of 70% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet, 10% Canaiolo and 5% Cabernet Franc. It offers smells of dried dark red berries, roasted meat and loam. Matured for 6 months in barrel, it displays great fruit flavours, delicate round tannins, and a firm finish.

Capezzana 2006 Vin Santo Riserva di Carmignano 92

This flavourful Vin Santo is a mix of Trebbiano and San Colombano. It displays an exquisite shade of brilliant golden, revealing ripe apricot, toasted almonds, and caramelized notes. Although sweet, it has great balancing acidity and a long, unctuous climax. An ideal wine to match with sharp and salty cheeses such as Parmigiano-Reggiano and others as a way to draw to a conclusion of the dinner.

A Brief history of Tenuta di Capezzana

It is said that Tenuta di Capezzana is the beating heart of Carmignano and for a town that is steeped in history and traditional for wine making this is a very bold claim.

Carmignano is a town in Tuscany that produces D.O.C.g wines and Tenuta di Capezzana one of the leading producers in the village brags a long and respectable history.

From numerous points of view Capezzano is the heart of Carmignano as the estate delivers about half of the collective of the D.O.C.g. with this being said, the Contini Bonacossi family that possess it were to a great extent in charge of the region accomplishing D.O.C. status in 1975 before this point the wines had been sold as Chianti, so the qualities that set them apart had been to some degree lost.


So whether you’re the head chef at a Michelin star restaurant or just a passionate foodie you can enjoy and appreciate what the Tenuta di Capezzana range of wines has to offer and understand their passion that is placed into their wines.

And with every delicate mouthful feel like you are being not only steeped in a village of tradition but blessed with the unparalleled taste and flavouring pairing that they are renowned for.

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